About the White Horse Creative Team

We started White Horse Creative because we found so many web designers who simply created pretty on-line pictures and we knew we could do better. Successfully marketing our former businesses required identifying goals, developing economical solutions, and measuring the results. Every client we've worked with has been amazed that no one else had ever asked what their goals were. By approaching it in this way, it's easy to provide a great design that provides measurable results towards the goal.

Providing economical solutions means we can either write html and css by hand or rely on the same Content Management Framework used by the likes of NASA and MTV. The goals dictate the system requirements, which dictate the solutions we build. Applying this systems engineering mentality to marketing is what separates White Horse Creative from the pack.

Lisa Tomlin
Lisa Tomlin

Lisa spent seven years running her own successful riding school and horse training stable in the foothills of Colorado. From website and print ads to logo and t-shirt design, her marketing savvy and hands-on approach built the school into a thriving business. Despite her students' competitive successes and her own love for teaching, she closed the school at the end of 2006 to pursue a new project: a start-up online GPS dealership.

It was developing the GPS dealership that she further honed her skills in web marketing and business innovation. She specialized in web functionality, market analysis and pricing in a business with margins of ~5%, from founding to over 3 million in yearly sales.

Continuing the trend toward creative reinvention, Lisa sold her GPS dealership and moved to Santa Barbara in January 2008. She began doing marketing and graphics for local businesses as White Horse Creative in June. Lisa is currently responsible for graphic design and implementation, navigation optimization, and landing page testing.

Eric Chowanski
Eric Chowanski

Eric comes from an entrepreneurial family where both grandparents and his parents all started, built and sold a number of businesses. He participated by stirring root beer when he was five and built financial planning models when he was 25.

In the mid 1990s, Eric worked with Lauritzen Photography as account rep for Xircom taking their photography workflow from a seven day turn around to a one day and finally one hour turn around. Working with thousands of 100 MB digital files per day required continious improvement into the cutting edge of network, server, and applications. This gave clients more creative leeway, much faster turn around times in product packaging, and significantly reduced costs.

Since then Eric has participated in four start-up businesses involving systems design, the last two of which are White Horse Creative and Wide Angle Insight (site coming soon).

While White Horse Creative focuses on the design side, Wide Angle Insight  focuses on the application architecture, search engine optimization, and other system design. With these two sides of the business Eric and Lisa are able to offer far more than a web site. The benefit is better, faster, and less costly over the lifetime of the project.

Who's the White Horse?
Reggie the White Horse

Reggie is a dear old lesson horse after whom Lisa and Eric named their creative little company.  She and Eric had multiple brainstorming sessions to come up with a suitable name for their business.  As soon as Lisa said, "I want something that speaks to my past experience, but is creative and forward thinking...," a light bulb went off, and White Horse Creative was born.

Lisa credits Reggie with being one of her greatest teachers and a continual inspiration, even though they no longer teach riding lessons together.  In fact, she has come across many white horses through the years, all who've creatively inspired her in some way or another.  In the words of Shrek's Donkey, "Look at me - I'm a fancy white horse!  I can TROT!"

We can TROT, people!